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Hip Hop Star Eminem (Pictured left) should be saturated with butter because he is most certainly on a roll.  A recently as two years ago he was probably better know as Francis Marshall Periwinkle-Schoenstein IV, the  head waiter at the famous Smegio's in Beverly Hills, Ca.
Like any young man of good breeding, he used his indomitable will to get his career off the ground. 
 "He was just fly enough to get his foot in the door", says record producer Jason "Mack" Goldberg.


The White Boy Jam

Ebonics for the Racially Challenged

I came from the edge of town
Check it, the suburbs were my 'hood.
I am angry and I'm white
and I'm misunderstood!
I had to got college, boyz
The MBA was my plan
so I could get a job, y'all
an' wear Perry Ellis 
'cos I wanna be the Man.
Study to get the grade, boyz
Da prof better make sure I pass
or I'll roll through his 'hood
and bust a cap in his ass!

Yo! Word up, Dawg?  Peep my homie's dope ass crib.  It's so fly it be crying and shit like a motherfucker. He's my cuz and I call him money.
What it means:
Hello.  How are you doing, my friend?
Have a look at  my neighbor's house.  He keeps a very nice lawn and everything is always in a good state of repair.  This, of course, increases the value of my own property.

 Check it:

Here Are Some Phat Jams, Just the Way God Intended- As Musak!


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