The Web Site So Inexplicably Phat That It Should Make Jenny Craig It's Bitch!

The very Phatest of all the jams for you, my dearest homeboys.

Will Smith- Wild, Wild West-  This jam is phat and the movie was phat.  The Burger King Wild, Wild West Meal was just phattening.

Coolio- Gangsta's Paradise- This hip-hop gem of a tune is especially phat.  I like his homeboy's hair because it reminds me of this doll my sister had.

Snoopy Doggie Dog- Murder Was the Case- Snoopy sounds very different from how I had imaged that he would sound.  He also seems to have a bit of a potty mouth. Charlie Brown should take a rolled up newspaper and bring the smack down on his posterior.

Soft Cell- Tainted Love- While it is most definitely not a rap or hip-hop tune, I put it here because every time I hear it I think about how Eminem seems to be denying his true sexual orientation. 



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